This is a Short video about my solo exhibition at The Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter, Ceredigion  2018 "Assembeling Time through Pattern"

The images below were part of the exibition, I was using imagry that was about comming home to Ceredigion after being away since i was 18 years old. These two peices depict homes that my parents owned in the past. For the applique, in this work, I used the left over fabric from my digital print designs that i had previosly made into texlile products, i have used free hand stitch on the sewing Machine and hand stitch.  



Below is an exhibition that i curated at Makers Guild of Wales, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, called "Communication Lockdown" in 2020, displayed on the painted panels are the artists page's with thread linking them together to convey an open book and below on the shelf are the student books.

Communication lockdown is an exhibition of Textile work curated by Harriett Chapman featuring artists such as Julia Griffiths Jones, Stephany Tuckwell, Alison Moger, Sharon Cooper, Sharon Williams, Ruth Harries and Jenny Lee Katz.

The project was set up origionaly by Harriett Chapman to enable her students to continue to communicate during lockdown through stitch. Each student choose the title of their book, completed a page and posted it on to the next. As the weeks passed the books were completed and returned to the original maker.

Experiencing the joy of receiving the books in the post encouraged Harriett to invite other artists to take part and put together an exhibition of both projects displaying personal experiences of lockdown. (written by Charlotte Kingston)  



The first image below was my contributuin to the "Communication Lockdown" Exhibition. The following images are my textile work that came after. I started to introduce more symbols from my home, for example shapes and patterns within textiles of ceramics from my inhereted belongings. I started to find a language where a piece of patterned fabric would set the scene for the rest of the composition, i used colour to brighten up my lockdown experience. 

This was the piece that i made for the project, "Without Borders" for Elisuim Gallery, Swansea in 2022. It was also a lockdown exhibition and involves nearly 300 artists from around the world and 22 communitys, it seeks to remove borders and connect with neighbours. The exhibition will travel to Japan, Norway, USA, Venice, Canada and back to Wales where the pages will be permantly bound to create a book, to be housed in a special collections libary, to be announced at a later date.  

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