Welcome to the Harriett Chapman website I produce a unique range of digital prints that are used to create beautiful women's accesories and cushions for the home.

I print on a variety of different fabrics from luxurious velvet for the cushions, wool voil for the scarves, and a durable cotton panama for the purses and bags for life. I like the idea that with digital printing there is no waste of dye products, making it a green way to print.

I originally studied Screen-printing at the London College of Printing. Then in 2002 I returned to Wales to study at the Swansea Metropolitan University where I received my Degree in Surface Pattern Design.

The new “vintage bird” collection is inspired by my inherited collection of antiques and collectables, including patchwork quilts i especially like the haphazard way that the fabric is pieced together, and in particular a painting by my mother of taxidermy birds in a glass dome. These ideas have been incorporated to produce a bold, vibrant and colorful range of digital prints. I have recently introduced foiling on top of the digital print to add another layer. This involves screen printing onto the fabric, and using a heat press to bond the foiling to the fabric.

I set up the business in 2008 and the collections are evolving all the time. I work from a small studio in Swansea in an inspirational artists enviroment. All the products are hand made by myself, i hope you enjoy the website.

Photographs by Lee Aspland

Location Singelton park / Noah's Yard, Swansea.