I am a textile artist working from my studio in West Wales. 

The effects of my surroundings as a child growing up in a creative household is the core of my work, enriched by artist parents and their friends, welsh patchwork quilts and samplers with their interesting haphazard patterns, all pieced together to tell a story, inspiring paintings antiques and colourfull ceramics created an engaging visual feast for my sences. Home was an eccentric stimulating mix of colour and texture. My surroundings were part of my make up and my art work is a response to my colourful and quirky life.   


My current work involves painting directly onto cloth, capturing a response to the subject, fabric paints with water, enables me to change the tones and include the background fabric as part of the work. Foiling paper adds to the image. The use of a variety of stitches gives texture to the surtface of the work. 

I originally studied Screen-printing at the London College of Printing. Then in 2002 I returned to Wales to study at the Swansea Metropolitan University where I received a Degree in Surface Pattern Design.





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